Kyber Quest


what's left even?

So, Madna, she does treasure hunting now?
I can’t believe that she would try to get herself killed by running through trap-infested temples. It’s like she learned nothing from our Parents.
She’s got a daughter, good for her. I really hope her husband hasn’t left her.
But back on topic, THE WYVERN GOT ROBBED.
AND somehow LENA did not follow the protocol I set in place. I knew i should’ve installed a door auto-open failsafe. Now, I am glad the food stores were untouched, (Kad’ika would’ve killed me for that) but several scrap heaps, that spice from the stormtrooper, and a shipment of Rectennae are missing.
The ship did self-repair while we were inside the temple, except I had to replace a fried compressor on the RepulsorLift systems. And for some reason, the shields are down 2% and don’t want to regenerate.
LENA seems to have neglected to keep the security cameras connected to the bridge, so i’ll need to hunt down the recorder chips myself and see if those got a view of my criminal.
Sithspawn, this is gonna take a while.
So…. what now?
-Mrundo R’y


greenhat2000 jihtrains

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